Welcome to the CASW Professional Liability Insurance Program

Available exclusively to members of the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW), the CASW Liability Insurance Program offers a full range of coverage specifically designed to meet your practice risk needs. Coverage options include protection for professional liability, commercial general liability, cyber security and privacy liability, and business related coverages.

With expert service and support on your side, industry-specific risk resources and best-in-class legal defence, our program tailored to meet your professional needs. Join over 5,000 participating members and take advantage of comprehensive and cost-effective insurance protection for your practice.

Did you know? E-Services are included in the CASW Professional Liability Insurance Program.

Coverage is automatically provided to CASW members who participate in the CASW Professional Liability Insurance Program.

Whether you connect with your clients through Skype, tele-video conferencing, text, phone, or email - you can be assured that you are protected when providing counselling services to your clients who are unable to meet with you in person.

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Why is This Plan Right for You?

Insurance exists to pay claims. Choosing to purchase coverage available exclusively to members ensures you receive best-in-class protection without the tough-to-find limitations commonly found in non-group insurance products. Members can be confident in CASW's proactive diligence and leverage to ensure that the legal and insurance service providers supporting the program are held accountable.