Coverage Details and Options

All professional liability options include coverage for e-services, regulatory legal expense coverage at a limit of $200,000, criminal defense reimbursement limit of $150,000, as well as other enhancements. For more details please contact BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd.


Coverage Details


Plan I Professional Liability $5,000,000 per claim
$5,000,000 aggregate
Commercial General Liability $5,000,000 per occurrence
$5,000,000 aggregate
Plan II Professional Liability    $5,000,000 per claim
$5,000,000 aggregate
Commercial General Liability $5,000,000 per occurrence
$5,000,000 aggregate
Office Contents
Business Interruption
Actual Loss Sustained
Plan III Professional Liability Only $5,000,000 per claim
$5,000,000 aggregate  

Additional Coverage Options

Legal Entity Coverage Professional Liability
(shared with individual professional liability limit)
$5,000,000 per claim
$5,000,000 aggregate
(up to 2 employees)
Student Professional Liability
(while working under an insured member’s supervision)
$5,000,000 per claim
$5,000,000 aggregate
Cyber Liability and Privacy Breach Privacy Breach Extension $1,000,000 per claim $75
Increased Contents (Pertains to Plan II only) $100,000

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Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance protects members against liability or allegations for injuries or damages to a third party (such as a patient or client) that have resulted from a negligent act, error, omission, or malpractice that has arisen out of your professional capacity as a social worker.

Your Professional Liability Insurance also provides you with the following coverage:

Regulatory Legal Expense (Disciplinary) Coverage

Regulatory legal expense endorsement provides coverage for legal costs associated with having to appear at a disciplinary hearing with a regulatory body. In the event of a complaint or investigation, members are provided with superior legal representation and defence protection. Examples include complaints alleging professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity.

Criminal Defence Coverage

Coverage provides reimbursement to an insured members for defence costs associated with a case filed under the Criminal Code if the professional service was rendered in Canada and the member is found ‘not guilty’ of the criminal charge.

Sexual Abuse and Counselling Fund / Abuse Limitation

All options include a maximum funding of $15,000 for the rehabilitation and therapy of a person who, while a client, suffered abuse in the course of an insured member’s practice as a social worker. Members are also provided with a $1,000,000 sublimit to pay for defence costs and damages because of civil claims relating to alleged abuse or threat of.

Coroner’s Inquest Legal Expense

Provides coverage for legal expenses incurred by a member from or in connection with a coroner’s inquest, or similar special inquests or commissions before which the insured member is called upon to appear.

Out-of-Country Extension

Out-of-country coverage is automatically included for 90 consecutive days at no extra charge for members who travel outside Canada while attending academic courses.

Additional Coverage Definitions

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL)provides coverage to protect against claims arising from injury or property damage that you (or your business) may cause to another person as a result of your operations and/or premises (for example, a client may slip and fall on a wet floor and injure themselves).

This coverage is recommended for CASW members who own or operate clinics. Coverage is also recommended for independent practitioners who contract out their services or bill under their business name.

Legal Entity Coverage

In the event of a claim, both the treating social worker and your business name are likely to be named in a statement the lawsuit. Legal Entity Coverage protects the business and its assets in such circumstances. This coverage is recommended if you have social workers working for, or on behalf of, your clinic and billing under your clinic name.

Businesses that employ professionals other than social workers are NOT eligible for this coverage.

Extended Reporting Period

The professional liability insurance is on a claims-made form meaning that coverage must be in place at the time that a claim is brought forward. If you are on parental leave, taking a sabbatical, anticipate retiring or are no longer working as a social worker, an extended reporting period coverage is available to protect against claims that may arise from previous services.